Saturday, February 19, 2011

A-Z Mysteries

I just finished reading "The Absent Author" by Ron Roy and I've never seen my students so engaged. They were ALL making amazing predictions and connections. Every time I would stop and leave them hanging they would moan and groan, but get excited every time I picked up the book to read. The ending made their jaws drop! I LOVE when my kiddos are this excited about a book. Are there any jaw dropping books that your students just love??


Ladybug Teacher said...

We had so much fun reading Fantastic Mr. Fox this year in my ELL class. They laughed, they gasped, they still talk about it! Isn't it the best feeling? :)

Katie said...

Hooray! I LOVVEEE your blog so I am passing on the Stylish Blogger Award!

Keep posting your AMAZING ideas!

Ladybug Teacher said...

Me too! I had to pass this award on to you, I just love reading your blog! :) :)

Katie K. said...

I love this series! I already have a few in my collection for my first classroom!

I also just gave you the Stylish Blogger award!

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