Monday, September 2, 2013

Classroom Pictures!

Summer, where did you go?! I can't believe I'm heading into my 5th year of teaching this September. This is the first year I'm not moving rooms which is exciting, but still needed to paint and give it a makeover!

 Here is my library area. Isn't the mural amazing? I have the best husband ever, and he reminds me every day ;) 

 Word wall! These can be downloaded here

Here is my calendar area. The bags contain all the things for the month (holiday cards, birthdays, thematic date numbers, etc.). You can read a little more about it here on my best friend and colleague's blog!

Here is a previous post about my magnetic pig! Scroll to the bottom of this entry.

Here is my little technology nook. I have a laptop and Kindle. This is mostly for "listening" choice in Daily 5, free time, and math centers. Oh, and husband refurnished the table set. Did I mention he's pretty handy and amazing?

This is my job chart. I contemplated doing something different this year, but the kids just LOVE seeing their heads on those bodies. You can see it in action in this previous post

I LOVE the blue door.. I put our character education traits on it. 

Just waiting for my super cute tables to arrive and I'm ready to go!