Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sneak Peak-- Science Labs

I teach science club at my school and one thing that is really lacking is quality science activities/labs for the K-2 range. I've decided that over winter break I am going to put together a science packet with my top 10 favorite science experiments and design labs to go with it. Each experiment will contain a teacher's manual, student lab, and another lab designed for emergent learners. Let me know what you think. This is one of my all time favorites!! If for some reason you can't see the embedded google document above, click here to download it for free. Please remember to vote/leave feedback if you download it!

Tomorrow we're celebrating the 100th Day AND Valentine's Day! It will probably be a crazy day but so glad they fall on the same day this year. Look for pictures in the near future :) 

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April Brown said...

I love this science experiment. I use it in my Liquid Unit. The students love making the lamps and playing with them afterward. Thank you for posting the lab. I'm going to download and use it with my unit.
Thank you for sharing.

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