Saturday, September 8, 2012


1,003 followers??! WOW. I guess this means I should do a pretty snazzy giveaway sometime soon, huh? 

This has been the busiest summer ever. My classroom is painted, decor is put up, and just finishing up the minor details. I start school this Wednesday and guess what? I'm now teaching a K-2 so I get the best of both worlds. 
So I had a Vistaprint Groupon and finally got around to using it. I couldn't believe that it came today since it says shipping can take up to 21 days (?). It only took about 4 days so they are just looking for people to pay extra for speedy shipping! Nothing spectacular, but almost everything was free. 

Business cards, cool right? For those of you who aren't in the loop, me and a couple of colleagues opened a school this year to honor my best friend and fellow teacher who died of cancer last October (today is her birthday. You inspire me every day Sara!). The Sara Marie School website and Facebook page

This annoys me. See the parts where it is shaded grey? Well, it didn't look like that on the Vistaprint preview. Anyways, it's a notepad for absentee assignments. 

My favorite quote.. "Teaching is a work of heart." 

Homework passes.. in the past I've given them away for test grades 85+ and put them in the prize bin. I don't like how close "student's name" is to the top but I fill that part in anyways, so I can deal with it. I left white space on the bottom so I can write why they earned it so mom and dad can see. 

And I ordered THOUSANDS of these because I **or child labor** want to put one on all the books in my library. 

Well, I got 4 days to start lesson planning and figuring out next week. I hope you all had a wonderful start to your school year. I'd love to hear about it!