Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm an Organizational FREAK!

Let me just start by saying I LOVE anything to do with organization. I love to be neat, tidy, organized, and ready. You could say it's OCD. You may have seen these pictures before on my blog, but this time I'll explain my organization tips. 

So this mailbox organizes SO much! I have a small class so the 6 on the left are my students' boxes. The one on the bottom left holds file folders of everything I use weekly/monthly: clip chart sheetsspeller's choice, spelling lists, and monthly writing prompts.
The middle section is broken up into the following: 
Birthday- this is where I keep birthday pencils and certificates
Star student- contains certificates and sticker
Awards- this is where I have misc. awards (like reader of the month or caught you being good), 
Forms- right now it's just "while you were absent" cards that I made on Vistaprint
CAFE- the bottom 2 contain various things I use for CAFE and my Fancy Nancy word wall such as sentence strips, checks for understanding, index card strips, sticky notes, etc.
The last section on the right is open for my students to use and they know exactly how I expect everything to be treated and handled. It includes: 
Construction paper
White paper- basically just printer paper
Loose leaf paper
Stationery- usually themed, last month I had Valentine cards, before that Christmas cards. 
Fancy paper- mostly cute paper from the Dollar Tree. 
Writing task cards- changed out monthly. Right now I have St. Patrick task cards that I included in my unit

And you'll notice EVERYTHING is labeled. I love labels. My kiddos must too because they pick, pick, pick at them! By now they know messing with my organization is a big no no. 

Again, LABELS :) These are mostly math manipulatives and have a cute little label. The middle row with the blue lids are my word work bins. All 3 bins have identical items and the students take a bin when they choose "word work" in the Daily 5. They include: dry erase crayons, stamps, markers, colored pencils, Wikki sticks, magnetic letters, and chalk. The cookie trays on the bottom are what the students grab if they are using magnetic letters. 
On top you can see my scissor bin, pencils, dry erase markers, dry erase crayons, dry erase erasers, sticky notes, index cards, writer's checklist, and editing pens/pencils.

My library bins are all labeled according to genre. The label also includes a number and the back of each book has a corresponding number. Wow my library stays so organized and clean this way :) 
On my shelf you'll see my teacher binders and papers to file, my CD player and CD's, the students' BEE binders and word study games, and on the bottom are individual book bins. 

Well, I think that's all I have to share right now. My room is so small that I've given up my shoe closet at home to store all my non-essentials like bulletin board materials and craft supplies. On Sundays I grab what I need for the week. If you have any questions about my organizational OCD please ask :)


Mrs. Scoma said...

I love how organized your room is! So nice and tidy :) One question... Why do you only have SIX kiddos???

Ms. Durning said...

I work at a private school that is rapidly expanding. Next year I should have close to 16, which I'm VERY excited about!

Ashley said...

I was just about to ask the same question! SIX kids?! Lucky duck! Your room is fantastic. I have seen these pictures before and I am planning on trying your library shelving/book numbering next year. Looks so neat! I'm having a tough time being organized this year. Your pics are inspiring!

Kelley said...

I'm new to blogging and missed all of the fun linky party posts that were going on so I'm doing my own version on my new third grade post at a time. Come check it out and hopefully you will find something useful. I always find great resources and inspiration from your posts. Thanks for sharing!


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