Thursday, April 28, 2011

Success Story!

I've missed blogging, but I've been so exhausted with everything going on right now. My lack of creativity is perfect timing for Ladybug's Link Party. I'll share a little success with you all :)
Many of you know one of my close friends and colleagues was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The students drew a picture representing what she means to them then I collaged it onto an apple for the front of the shirt. The t-shirts raised almost $3,000 for her. Our school community, even though small, is so supportive and loving. 

Came out cute right? 

I think overall this was a very successful year for me. It was my first year in second grade and I completely fell in love. What a PERFECT age level. I can't believe how much my students grew this year. It brings tears to me eyes thinking about it! I also began blogging this year and not only was I able to share my ideas but was inspired by so many amazing teachers. I started posting on Teachers pay Teachers and I am humbled by the amount of units and projects I've sold. I truly feel blessed that other teachers are inspired by ME. I've grown so much this year and I am so excited to take this growth and apply it to next year. I'm also going from 6 students to 18. Crazy! 

Field trip tomorrow.. wish me luck!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mother's Day

With Mother's Day approaching, I figured I would share what I did last year and plan on doing again this year. I had my students make coasters for their mom (or grandma) using bathroom tile. Only 17 cents each at Home Depot! The kids decorated using permanent marker then I sprayed it with acrylic spray to seal it. On the back I hot glued felt so that it doesn't scratch the surface. I had many moms go out of their way to tell me it was a wonderful project! 

I am also going to try something new this year. It's called breakfast in a bag. I'm going to pick up white lunch bags for the kids to decorate and glue this poem to the outside of the bag. Inside the bag will be a package of oatmeal, a tea bag, granola bar, and a banana. Also included in the bag will be a Mother's Day card and the above coaster. Another cute idea would be to put the breakfast items in a mug, but that would be a pricey project. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I want this!!!!

After looking at the oh so adorable graphics that The Teacher Wife CREATES.. I finally asked what program she uses, because it certainly isn't Microsoft Paint!! What program do you use when you create your products? I am just so sick of Paint and want to use something more professional and clean.. cheap would be nice too. 


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rounding to the nearest ten

Saxon just introduced rounding to the nearest tens place. I began by teaching my kids a song to the tune of "if you're happy and you know it." 

If you’re rounding to the tens place, check the ones.
If you’re rounding to the tens place, check the ones.
If the ones are zero through four, round it down to the tens before.
If you’re rounding to the tens place, check the ones.

If you’re rounding to the tens place, check the ones.
If you’re rounding to the tens place, check the ones.
If the ones are five through nine, round it up, and you’ll be fine.
If you’re rounding to the tens place, check the ones.

If you click the above download it is a center game I prepared for my students. First lay out the 10-100 cards. The students will solve the addition and subtraction problems and decide what number it belongs under. I plan on laminating so the kids will solve using a dry erase marker. If you want more of an accountability piece then I would suggest having them record their answers on looseleaf paper. 
To differentiate for students who haven't mastered addition and subtraction but you want them to practice rounding, you can use flashcards such as these.

I'm off to nap then catch up on 3 weeks worth of laundry. I love Spring break! My next post will be about Mother's Day projects... Can't believe it's almost May, but still chilly here in NY! :/


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Contraction Matching Game

First of all, wow, longest week of my life. Report cards are done with and spring break begins tomorrow at 5:45 P.M. 
Another BIG thank you to everyone! I have raised $250 thus far for my dear friend who was recently diagnosed with a rare cancer. Please check out my new  contraction matching game. I had a burst of creativity and it's going towards a wonderful cause. I'm so behind on the blogging world too. I have a lot of catching up to do next week ;) I need to feed my blogging addiction. 


Friday, April 8, 2011

Thank you :)

I am feeling so grateful and humbled by the generosity among the blogging and teaching community right now. I've raised over 100.00 in just a couple of days for a close friend and colleague. If you missed my previous post.. I am donating this quarter's Teachers pay Teachers earnings towards her recovery. Thank you so much to The Brand New Pencil and What the Teacher Wants for posting about this cause. 


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

**Winner and announcement**

So the winner of my hidden words packet is Mrs. L. Congrats!! Email me :)
On another note, one of my close friends and colleague was diagnosed with cancer. Please send your thoughts and prayers this way. She's a third year teacher, 25 years old, and is one of the strongest and most passionate people I've ever met. With this said, I've been very preoccupied so probably won't have many sparks of creativity to share for a while. I also want to donate next quarter's Teachers Pay Teachers earnings to help her, so any purchase you make will be going towards a wonderful cause and person. 
Thanks :) 


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hidden Words and Giveaway

Whew! I can't believe how long this took to make. Last week I gave my students the word "caterpillar" and asked them to find as many hidden words as they could. They LOVVVVVED this. I decided I needed to milk the enthusiasm for this fun activity. I made 50 hidden word sheets and an answer key. To make this more challenging for my higher learners, I decided to not give them the word and they had to see if they could figure out what the big word is. This is similar to Patricia Cunningham's "Making Words" but it's an independent activity (great for homework, morning work, and literacy centers). What I love most is that it's differentiated and I don't need to find and make 4 different worksheet copies to accommodate all my learners for homework. I'm going to send one of these home each Thursday for homework (as per student requests!). If you're interested you can get it here for only $3.00

Do you want to win it?? All you have to do is "like" me on Facebook then comment here and on my FB page. I don't want to be totally embarrassed and not have anybody "like" me ;D I'll announce a winner on Tuesday evening. 


Friday, April 1, 2011

Apostrophe Showers Bring May Flowers

I absolutely can't take full credit for this super cute and creative idea. I got the idea and tweaked it a little from a talented teacher on the Second Grade Teacher's Club website. I don't think this teacher has a blog or website so I can't give her direct credit. Cute, right?? Oh, and yes I have a clock intruding on my bulletin board (ugh, don't ask!) ;)

P.S. There is a space in my garden because I'm waiting for an absent student to complete theirs. I'm very obsessive compulsive about things like that :x

The leaves have the 2 words before the contraction. Ex: would not and the flower has the contraction. Ex: wouldn't