Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You really want to see my "nest"? Ok... you asked for it!

I decided to participate in Mrs. Farley's link party probably just to embarrass myself ;)

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you've seen the photos of my classroom.. it's the size of a bathroom. This shelf is basically the only place I can store "my" stuff and I only get 2 shelves. The very top just houses some assessment materials, the second to last shelf has paper to file and binders for data and curriculum information. The other shelves are student materials.The REAL nesting is done at home... 

This is my real "nest." I leave school ASAP to plop down and work there for a couple of hours. So yes, I am THAT teacher that leaves at 3:30 BUT only to work in my comfort zone! 

So this is a shoe closet converted into my classroom storage closet. Poor shoes :( This is mostly extra supplies and craft materials. It was organized in August but so much more has piled up since then. The point of the clear craft tub was for me to see what I have in there.. not so much. 

This is the "office" in my apartment. The real office is my couch.. this is more or less a storage area. The white baskets, fabric cube, and blue tub are all school/teacher related. What a mess!

Ooohh.. this picture doesn't look so bad! The bottom shelf is all professional books, the top shelf has about 20 packages of .01 loose leaf paper, and the purple crates contain more professional development items. Oh and that toolbox is wonderful. I keep all my "most used" materials in there and just grab it when I'm creating projects in the living room by my office couch. 

This is my desk that NEVER gets used. I store stuff on top of it, obviously. The clear bins are mostly die cuts, paper, markers, glue, etc. 

Can I just tell you how vulnerable I feel right now. Everyone describes me as the most organized person they know because that's how I like my living and working environments, however, since I don't go in the "office" it doesn't bother me. I will tell you this... when I finally own a home I WILL have my very own office with lots of built in storage and it will be so neat and perfect. Promise. 



oh' boy said...

thanks so much for joining my linky party... and for showing me your REAL NEST!!! I LOVE IT... I too have a comfy spot at home!!! :)

Ms.M said...

I love that you have a small desk with the drawers tucked underneath. BTW, I too have one of those catalogs on my desk at home. :)

Ms. M

Fern Smith said...

I love, love, love, love how you are honest about leaving at the end of the day, but work at home!! I do too! I feel that I get so much more done at home because I can focus on work and the students! At home I also get to be with my children if they need me!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I have a comfy spot on my couch too!!

Mrs. Lutton said...

You won?? I think it was you. Congrats! I'm so jealous of your sassy bag!!! :)


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