Sunday, March 6, 2011

Post Your Pets!

Oh my word, I jump at any opportunity to brag about my babies! Thanks Ladybug for giving me an excuse :) 
Meet Kloey (cat) and Oliver (dog)!

Kloey is almost 2 years old. I adopted her from an agency in PetSmart. It was the 4th Petsmart I went to and the second I saw her I knew I had to have her! She's a sweetie pie. It took her a very long time to warm up and enjoy living with us. Her first 2 months were living in an apartment in a busy city and she hated the noises and would hide all day. Kloey came out of her shell when we moved to a nice and quiet suburb. She is strictly a house cat because she is petrified of outside. 

This is Oliver. He has a very chaotic story. Oliver was adopted through We adopted him last August. He came from Tennessee. We drove from NY to pick him up in Connecticut. It was a cold and rainy day and we were waiting on line to pick up our new dog off the doggie bus. They couldn't find Oliver because they put him on the wrong bus! So then we drove an hour back into NY to meet the other bus to get our dog. Unfortunately we were told several lies about Oliver prior to adopting him. Oliver was supposedly a year old and full grown. Yea right! We think he was only about 6 months and he more than doubled! We were also told he was a certain breed and the Vet said no way! He came with so many problems and almost 1 year and a couple thousand dollars later I can finally say I love him! He took a lot of work but he's a precious angel. Kloey and Oliver absolutely love each other too which makes it a "happily ever after" ending. 


Vanda said...

Their all cuties and lovely. They can relieve stress thats why i really love my dog and fishes :)

Vanda Gould
Recreational Koi Fish enthusiast

Emily said...

Your pets are so cute together!!

Emily @ Playground Duty

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