Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easter Math Centers and Giveaway Winner

Here are pictures and samples of what is in my new Easter Math Centers. It's only $5.00 on Teachers Pay Teachers. I love it because now my math centers are covered for the next 4 weeks :) My students love games and activities for centers and this is what is included: 
Jelly bean estimation
Graphing by 1's
Graphing by 2's
Jelly bean fractions
Carrot measurement with jelly beans
Carrot measurement to the nearest inch
Carrot measurement to the nearest half inch
Money game
Addition bump
Subtraction bump
Bingo board
Mystery number game
Easter egg word problems
Greater than less than carrots

But Ms. A you don't have to worry about purchasing it because you won the giveaway so email me! Whooo :)



Ms. A said...

WOO HOO! I am SO excited about winning! I just emailed you. Thanks for sharing your adorable centers!

Ms. Durning said...

Thank you for following and encouraging me to want to create resources :) Hope your students enjoy it!

Dena said...

Awesome Stations!!! I can't wait to use them with my kids. Thanks so much for creating them.

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