Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cruise time!

This is a non-school related post :) Don't worry, I have tons of plans to update and create things later this week.

Well, it's Sunday and my break started Friday and I'm still stinkin' sick! I came down with a cold last Wednesday. My husband came home Friday and is flying back to DC on Tuesday. So much for having fun. 

Anyways, most of you know that I'm a newly-wed and my husband is living with my aunt and uncle in the DC area while he finishes up an LLM at Georgetown Law. To celebrate his graduation, him getting a job, and kind of a honeymoon we didn't get to have we booked a cruise! This is our first cruise ever. 
So anyways, I was hoping you all would be able to give me advice. Tell me what I should and shouldn't do.. maybe things to see or not see. We are going on an 8 day Carnival cruise at the end of May (89 days!) and will be going to St. Thomas, Antigua, Tortola, and Nassau. 

Any tips, stories, suggestions, or advice is greatly appreciated :) 



Erika said...

No advice since I've never been. But I am jealous! Enjoy yourselves.
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Andrea said...

If you want to do any excursions, it's much cheaper to purchase tickets off the boat at the port instead of through the cruise line. Have a great time!

Laura said...

I have a great site for info on carnival cruises. My DH and I went on a 5 day last August to celebrate our 20th. I also booked some excursions from independent companies to save some money (teacher salary! ;) The website is Go to the boards and look at either the excursion boards or the carnival boards. I was seriously addicted to those boards. Of course I have to have everything planned out perfectly! lol You will read trip reports and see pictures that will get you so excited! You will learn what to order from room service, where the best local eateries are, and what companies are safe to tour with. If you sign up for a membership, which is free, you can ask questions. I always got fast answers. Did you know that you can take soft drinks or bottled water with you? My email is if you have any questions. You will have a wonderful time!

mccarty20001 said...

we have done that cruise! You will LOVE it! Enjoy!

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