Saturday, November 26, 2011

Let's Get Organized!

First off, I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My husband is home for a few days and we celebrated our first Thanksgiving together as husband and wife. 

So while the husband was out shopping this afternoon, I looked over at my teacher bag and thought to myself wow I gotta get that under control. Everyone who knows me thinks I'm an organizational queen, but I'm a closet hoarder and it's mostly because I'm lazy. This is how I've been organizing my life.... 

Not very impressive is it? 

I decided to try out a binder. We'll see if I can keep it clean. 


 The front has a pouch that contains my pocket calendar and pens. I also have a portable hole puncher so hopefully it will encourage me to use the binder. 

The first section is for my monthly curriculum maps. No more scrounging around because it's right there!

Next up, lesson plans. What am I teaching in science today? Well, let me just flip over to the lesson plan section and find out ;)

My meeting notes had a special place before... the garbage! Then I would forget dates or events that we discussed and get angry that I threw it away. Not anymore. I have a special section just for that :D

In this section I plan on putting the interest surveys that my parents filled out in the beginning of the year. These forms contain phone numbers, email addresses, and emergency contacts. Right now they are in a file in my cabinet, but I need this kind of information to be a little more readily available.

The back contains a folder for misc. things and I PROMISE it won't become another clutter folder and it also has some scrap paper. If you look at my folder on the very top of this entry you'll notice it was my file cabinet/notebook. No more writing on the covers of my notebooks! I have paper now :)

So I'm hoping this works out. We'll see. How do you organize?? 

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Erika said...

This summer I bought a pretty binder from Zazzle and pretty much did the same thing you just did. So far I'm loving it. I need a pouch and a portable hole punch though!
2B Honey Bunch

A Teacher's Treasure said...

sigh.... I need to redo my binder BADLY!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

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Happy Holidays!

❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
A Teacher's Treasure

Cristina said...

thanks for the inspiration!! Just roe apart my teacher bag, our binders are identical! Now let's see if i can keep it that way! ha!

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