Thursday, May 26, 2011

Daily 5--Part 6- Word Work

On Mondays I teach 3 word study groups. I use Bear's Words Their Way and each group has a different spelling list based on what Words Their Way Pattern they fall into. I introduce the spelling words for the week then they do a pattern sort. Throughout the week they can choose word work to practice their spelling words; they must do it at least once a week prior to the spelling test. On Fridays I require all my students to do Read to Self in the first round and I pull each group back to take their spelling test. This only takes about 20 minutes total. This is such an easy way to differentiate. It really is! My organization is simple too. I just keep 3 different folders which contain spelling lists and the current week's sort. 

I have my kids do spelling homework every Thursday and they choose an activity from the Speller's choice of the month. I also put a copy in each Word Work bin to offer options. 

I keep my sorts in envelopes (each sort is paper clipped with the sort number on the front). WW stands for within word. 

I have 3 Word Work bins that have the exact same contents. This way there is no arguing and 3 students can choose Word Work in the same round (I would suggest more bins for a larger class). The kids just grab a bin and go to work :) As I previously mentioned, my students keep a folder in their book bins. The left side is for writing and the right side is word work. I have them turn in their folders and journals biweekly. 

Here are the contents of the bins: 
- dry erase crayons (eh, wouldn't recommend them)
- dry erase markers
- markers
- colored pencils
- magnetic letters (homemade: print, laminate, stick magnets on the back)*
- stamps (Target dollar spot)
- clothespin letters (the stick is a paint stirrer)* 
- chalk (my clear library book bins came with dark blue lids so I use them as chalk boards)

*- Each bin contains different colored letters so that I know which bag they belong to if I find letters on the floor. 

My students grab a cookie sheet if they are doing magnetic letters and a white board if they are using dry erase markers or crayons since they obviously can't fit in the bin.

close up of how the clothespins are used.

I tell my students that I want them to at least practice their words for 10 minutes and then if they want to place a Word Work game they can (they're really good about this). I have many different games and activities. Many of them are homemade and are in my TpT store as single purchases or within a unit. I store them in a bin under my easel. We do a lot of modeling in the beginning of the year and I haven't had a single issue regarding clean up or misusing my materials. 

Let me know if you have any questions and I will be glad to answer them :) I'm proud of my Word Work system. It's so perfectly organized and I haven't had a single issue all year. Modest aren't I? ;)

Stay tuned... I have 2 more blog entries about Daily 5 to go! 



Madison said...

Thanks for sharing. Centers is something I am still trying to work on and fix before next year.

Raye said...

When I was teaching 4th grade, I used Words Their Way and had 4 different groups. We did our spelling tests altogether. It was crazy at first but the kids figured it out quick. Took about 15 minutes total.

"Group 1, number 1.....Group 2, number 1" and so on. It worked out so well that even subs could do it because the kiddos had the routine down pat!

I'm glad to know how you do this with 2nd grade. I am going back to 2nd grade after only having taught it once and being in upper grades the last three years. I'm excited to try Daily 5 with them.

Donut Diva said...

I do like the idea of you having a folder for each. Next year I will do that. I found this year I was always trying to remember who was on what sort and it just didn't work. I made copies of all the sorts put them in zip loc baggies and then in a small manilla envelope. I have a large container of alpha and within word sorts from 1 -50. so the kids just pick the one they need for the sort then put them back and I never have to make copies again.
My question though is when they are working with words you put all of the stuff in one box an then one kid takes one box?
And what are the sticks for?
What are the clothespins for?
Last question do you just have them write their words in crayons or markers or do they write them a special way?
Thanks for your help.

Ms. Durning said...

I just uploaded another picture-- it's a closeup of the clothespins.

Yes. Everything fits nicely into the bin and the students just grab a bin and get to work. The things that look like sticks are the stamps.
The kids usually like to do "rainbow writing" or just write fancy when they use the colored pencils or markers.

Donut Diva said...

Oh thanks that makes more sense.
So only 3 people at a time are in word work? I have a basket that has wiki sticks, watercolors, stamps and magnets and they just pick out what they want. I don't love it but I normally have like 10 or so kids working on words at one time so that would be a lot of buckets.

Ms. Durning said...

I have a small class. Next year I'll probably have 5 bins. I only have 3 rounds in the Daily 5 and one of them has to be read to self and every other day they work with me. So 3 word work bins times 3 rounds means that 9 kids a day can work on word work. The bins just work so perfect for me.

Dana said...

I can't say thank you enough for posting all of your ideas about Daily 5. We did a book study on Daily 5 a few months back. Seeing your pics and reading your posts have shown me how to actually implement it in my Reading instruction.

3rd Grade Gridiron

Tracy Carpenter said...

How do your kiddos know when their ten minutes are up? I teach first grade and time is still a bit of a mystery to them. I tried sand timers but all they do then is look at the sand!

Any ideas for that one?

Anonymous said...

I ding a bell after 10 minutes

gladys said... name is ms.gladys.i like you ideas alot.modest they are.i work in Oman,middle east but i am kenyan.i recently overheard that i might head the kindergarten department and i am looking for every sort of ideas to manage and also to guide the KG teachers.any ideas?thanks.

Margie said...

Thank you for all your wonderful pictures and explanations on how you implement Daily 5. This is my first year teaching and your ideas are very helpful! I had a question regarding the journal-what do students use the word work side for? I ask because all of the activities in the bin seem to be hands-on. Do you worry about them really practicing their words vs playing with the manipulatives? Thanks again!!

Mrs. Durning-Leander said...

They use the notebook for when they are stamping or rainbow writing words, etc.

Lisa in 1st said...

I love it, thank you! I'm trying this for the first time. I'm sensitive to noise, in your opinion, would you say choices help with them being engaged while you are working with groups? I lose focus, if it's too noisy. Also, we have desks, not tables. Which do you use for 1st, and do the kids rotate or just get a different bin? Do you have a library for them to choose their just right book or bins for each child? I apologize for so many questions. I'm reading Cafe and love it. Thank you again!

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