Monday, May 23, 2011

Daily 5--Part 5- Read to Someone

I found that read to someone is the choice that my students need the most modeling for. We practice, practice, practice sitting EEKK (elbow to elbow, knee to knee) and practice our whisper voices. My students are really good about the noise level. I'm finding that my students get so into what they are reading that when it's their partner's turn they keep trying to read their book. I've tried to eliminate this problem by making my students put a bookmark in their book and sit on it. 
In the beginning of the year I demonstrated the two different ways to read with someone. The first way is reading the same book together but it has to be a "just right" book for both students. This way is seldom used in my classroom. Most of my students each read their own book and take turns.
I also have a small class so it drives me nuts because the same kids read together all the time, but there really isn't anything I can do about that this year. 
One thing I want to work on next year is modeling more "do you need coaching or time?" strategies. They were really good about it when I first taught it. I think next year I will make a bookmark that has strategies written on it so that when their buddy does need coaching they can give them a strategy to use. 
I must say.. even though read to someone drives me crazy sometimes, I hear so much great discussion!! 
Are there any questions about read to someone? I feel like there wasn't much to say about this choice. 



Mrs. Ibarra said...

Thanks Ms. Durning! I have really enjoyed reading your Daily 5 posts. I've been getting many great ideas. =)

amy.lemons said...

I loved teaching with the Daily Five when I taught 1st grade! I teach in a Dual Language classroom now and have guidelines on my stations, but am trying to incorporate them also! Thanks for all of your ideas!


Rachelle said...

I have a question for ya:

If they do Read to Someone and the partners and total opposites when it comes to does that work? Like if you have one above level reader and one below level reader, how do they have a "good-fit book"? It's either too easy or too hard. They never really explained that in the Daily 5 book.

Ms. Durning said...

The sisters talk about how they have 2 options for read to someone... 1. they share a book and read together if it is a good fit book for both or 2. they each choose a book from their own book bin and take turns reading their own good fit book. Honestly my kids almost always choose option 2 and the discussion is wonderful. When I first read that in the Daily 5 book I thought how weird reading 2 separate books, but the kids LOVE it. I also encourage them to use their check for understanding and kind of quiz each other. The biggest issue I've faced this year is when they are reading 2 separate books they sometimes ignore the person reading so they can continue looking at their own book. It got out of hand so I make them put a bookmark to hold their place and sit on it so they can pay attention to their partner reading. Oy, kids.

Kim said...

Thanks for taking time to share your experiences with The Daily 5. I have been on maternity leave and just read the book this summer and I am excited about implementing them in my second grade classroom in the coming year! Thanks for the practical examples!


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