Thursday, May 19, 2011

Daily 5-- Part 3 Accountability

So I'm not going to lie... accountability is tough for me. I'm all into it at the beginning of the year but by November I'm tired of recording information. I know my kids inside and out. BUT next year I'm going to have 18 students so I know I'm going to need to get better with recording data.

Here is my lovely reading bag. I got it for $5 last summer at Michaels!! (40% off coupon). This is where I keep my pensieve, guided reading books, white board, sentence strips, etc.

Here is my pensieve from Zazzle

Inside I keep my weekly lesson overview. This is where I fill in my mini lessons for the week, the guided reading groups I'm working with, and when I'm meeting with individual students. My example is very bare, but I'm making an effort to be more detailed next year. 

Then after my weekly overview I have a tab for guided reading groups where I keep my small group lesson plans. This is pretty straight forwards.. I write down the book title, my plans for the week, who is in the group, and what I observe. 

Next in my pensieve are tabs for each student. Inside the tab I keep track of our one on one conferences using this form. I write down the book they're reading, check what strategy they're working on, record my observations, then record what I would like them to work on. 

And this is my Daily 5 assessment that I fill out each quarter and include with report cards. 

Hopefully this post was helpful. I'm not going to lie... I went through about 4 different conference templates this year until I created the one that worked best and was easiest to use.. now all I need to do is use it ;)



Erin Hoke said...

Your ideas are wonderful. I am excited to try them! How many students do you have? I would love to have only 18!

About Us said...

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Daily 5 work. I started using Daily 5 and CAFE in February and enjoy it, but now is the time to start refining my practice.

Judy McKenzie


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing all of these great ideas. I can't wait to share them with other teachers at my school.


Luria Learning Blog

Mrs. Ibarra said...

Thank you so much for sharing. Everyday I head over to your blog to see what's new with the Daily 5. I feel so inspired to finish the book (if only I could find it...HA!).

Ashleigh said...

I'm so glad I stumbled on this blog. You have such great information. I'll be sure to share this site!

The Furman's said...

How many inches is your binder?

Moonstarr4 said...

Your thoughts are so helpful for new teachers going into this. I am a reading specialist and we are going on our second year with the daily 5 and we are really getting into the conferring and being accountable. So thanks for sharing your ideas and thoughts, it is helpful. K:)

Teach Love said...

Thank you for your ideas! Posted to this link here:

Anonymous said...

I love your postings about Daily 5! They are so helpful and very informative. I am starting Daily 5 and am so excited! I was not able to get the conference form to open. Can you please email it to me? Thanks, Debbie

Anonymous said...

Sorry--totally forgot to include email address!
Thanks, Debbie

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I AM SOOO HAPPY THAT YOU HAVE THIS BLOG OUT HERE FOR ALL OF US.. I am new to the daily 5 but the school I just got hired into began it last year.. I am so thankful that you have all of your ideas posted!! Thank you Thank you..

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Just Beautiful! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for some sort of rubric or rating scale to help me assess all of the wonderful things that go on during Daily 5! And I needed a scale/rubric which would allow me to get a grade to put in the gradebook! You have just made my whole week---and it's only Tuesday!

endy smith said...

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