Sunday, August 4, 2013

Word Work in K-1

I use Daily 5 and love the program. One of my most popular blogging segments was how I use Daily 5 in my classroom (click Daily 5 on the right hand side under topics to view all of them). When I moved to kindergarten I had to change up word work a little bit to make it more appropriate and meaningful for the little guys. This year I'm teaching a K-1 classroom so I will have a mix of kindergarten students and first graders. Luckily I only have 15 students so this is certainly manageable :)

I specifically made this product for my incoming K's last year who were not able to recognize or write all of the letters in the alphabet. I actually laminated them to not waste as much paper and added it as a word work choice. I also occasionally sent them home as homework to the kiddos who were still struggling with certain letters. 

This is going to be my newest addition to word work. For the K kiddos and first graders who have mastered the alphabet it's now time for them to become fluent and comfortable with sight words. I'm not going to have all 220 of the Dolch sight words in at once. I plan on changing them out as I see necessary as to not overwhelm them. 

The kiddos are going to love this choice because they get to manipulate with letters and use a dry erase marker. Anything that requires a dry erase marker is a win for these little guys! 

Then I'll still have my usual choices in word work (click to see pictures) bins that they either practice with spelling words (if applicable) or word wall words: 
-Rainbow writing with colored pencils, crayons, or markers
-Clothespin letters
-Tracing the ABCs (beginning of the year only or for students who still need the practice)
-Chalk and mini chalkboard
-Dry erase marker and small dry erase boards from Target

Anyone have any other cool word work ideas?