Sunday, August 19, 2012

Well, Hello!

It's been an overly busy summer! Yesterday I worked 15 hours at The Sara Marie School getting ready for our open house today. It's a very exciting adventure and I can't wait to share photos.
I recently announced that I will be teaching kindergarten, well, good news, I will be teaching a 1/2 combo now! So those of you that were *devastated* that I wouldn't be teaching second grade anymore... you're in luck ;) Have any of you taught in a multigrade classroom? I would LOVE advice? 
Many of you are back in school and I wish you a great school year. I start on September 11, so I will slowly be sharing photos and files while getting back into the groove!



Mrs. Castro said...

Jill at Marvelous Multiagers might have some tips. She teaches a 1/2 split.
And Amanda at Multilingual Multiage might have pointers too!
I was going to be teaching a 1/2 but have changed jobs completely and will be in 5th grade dual language! A summer of changes! Good luck!
Mrs. Castro's Class

Tracy said...

I teach a 2/3 multiage class. We blend the second and third grade curriculum. We also set individual goals for each student in reading, math, and writing. I have my students for 2 years but half of my class changes each year with my third graders moving on to 4/5 multiage class while my second graders stay with me and become my third graders. My school has regular elementary classrooms as well as multiage classrooms. We have had multiage in my school for over 10 years. There is so much to share. Let me know if I can help.

Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

This will be my 1st year teaching 1-2 Multi-age after teaching 2nd for 11.5 years! I AM EXTREMELY excited and a little anxious. Please stop by and follow me back! WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A FANTASTIC YEAR!! SMIELS!

Mrs. Durning-Leander said...


Mrs. Durning-Leander said...

Support group!

Debra said...

If I have to have a split, 1/2 is my favourite. It is a bit crazy in the first couple of months, but, it is such a rewarding experience. I'll have a few of last year's 1's as 2's in my 1/2 this year. They will be my experienced helpers. ;)

Kaitlin Edmunds said...

I also have a 1/2. It's day 3 tomorrow.... still feeling a bit anxious about the huge gap b/w the kids. Any advice? Blogs to follow? etc?

Mrs. Durning-Leander said...

Turns out I'm doing a K-2... I start next Wed and am super nervous but excited for the challenge. I have to buckle down this weekend and really figure out what I'm doing. How is it going for you?

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