Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello there!

I've been working hard on a Solar System Unit. I'm hoping to get it finished either tomorrow or Wednesday night. I LOVE teaching about the planets and we're studying non-fiction in writing so they'll be writing a planet research report.

It's getting pretty close to the 100th day! If you missed my post last year, you can read it here.I'm pretty much doing the same activities. I LOVED the pizza fractions and this year we're going to have a pizza party to go along with it. I got 100th day plates and cups on clearance over the summer. Psyched!

Anyone else completely addicted to Pinterest?? I have sooo much blog reading to do because I have become more preoccupied with Pinterest lately.

I'll be back in a couple of days with some classroom updates. We've been doing some fun things with inferencing and the Planets.

Time for the Bachelor. Who do you think he'll choose?? Doesn't that Courtney girl remind you of that weirdo Michelle from 2 seasons ago? I personally think Ben is as dry as his wine.

And... just wanted to leave you with a picture of my cutie pies. :)



Primary Junction said...

Looking forward to your Solar System Unit! Planets are so much fun to teach.

I tagged you in a Blog Tag. Visit my post about it: You've Been Tagged!

Primary Junction

Miss DeCarbo said...

Tag! You're it! You've just been invited to play the bloggy tag game. Come on over to my blog to check it out! : Also, love the dog picture! So cute :)
Second Grade Sugar and Spice

Sarah said...

I agree with you about Courtney..she's insane! haha. Your blog is too cute! New follower. Come check mine out for some math ideas.

iffatali said...

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