Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Homework Passes

My students can earn homework passes when they receive an 85 or higher on a social studies or science test. I don't include math because they have a weekly math test and that would be WAY too many homework passes given out. They would never have to do homework!! But then again, I would never have to grade homework ;) This is my generic homework pass that I staple onto tests that earned it. I also like to give my kids homework passes as a holiday treat and it doesn't cost me any money!! Above is the one I created for Valentine's day (now I don't even have to buy Valentine's cards because I'm going to write on the back!) and if you missed my December blog I also included my Christmas homework pass. Enjoy!

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Lori Coffman said...

I love these homework passes. That would be an awesome gift to give for love day!

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