Saturday, October 20, 2012

MPM School Supplies

I just received an order from MPM School supplies. Have you heard of them? They sell just about everything you can think of from rugs to glue at a competitive price. Considering I've spent thousands of dollars out of my own pocket over the course of my teaching career, I'm always looking for great bargains (and I know EVERY teacher can relate to that!)

Here are the goodies I got for a little under $25!

I think I'm most excited about the Expo spray. My kinderkids have been asking me everyday to clean their white boards. I have been kindly responding with a sweet smile "I will, don't you worry, Expo spray is on it's way!" but in reality I want to say "I wouldn't have to if you cleaned them the right way with an eraser!!" :)  

I haven't had a chance to really look through the "Word Family Helpers" book (only $4.84!) but anything Mailbox is a great investment. I did look through the "Advantage Phonics" book and it's terrific, so perfect for homework. It has alphabet tracing sheets, beginning, middle, and ending sound pages, and much more. Definitely going to be using this one a lot. 

I have 2 second graders in my class so I was thrilled when I found these blank books. We are currently working on a fiction unit, so they will publish their pieces in these hardcover books. They are so excited. What a great writing motivator!!

Hope you all have a great weekend! 


Michelle Tsivgadellis said...

Well, I am your newest follower thanks to Laura over at Love to Teach!! She participated in my linky and I was too curious to not take a peek at your blog!

Your classroom looks a lot like mine did when I taught Kinder my first year teaching. I taught at a private school with virtually no funding at all. It took me four years to get nice desks, but I still had to "fake" bulletin boards.

...I think I might be sounding rude because you can't really hear the conversation I had in my head when I noticed the pics of your classroom..hahaha...It is the desks that reminded me of my old classroom...LOL....Yours look like the Rubbermaid ones with the grainy tops (I could be wrong about yours), but I had these desks that were bumpy and I ended up buying clipboards for my students to use for writing...Oh, the creativity is endless when we teach isn't it??

Well, I am glad to meet someone new!!

The 3AM Teacher
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Anonymous said...

We're thrilled you had a positive shopping experience with MPM School Supplies! Thanks so much for participating in our promotion and for taking the time to share your thoughts. We can plan and tweak and add to our site in the hopes that it'll translate into a better and more user-friendly experience, but actual customer feedback is invaluable!

We're grateful for your time and are excited that you were able to find some great/useful products for your classroom!

Hope you have a lovely holiday season,

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