Sunday, March 18, 2012

We may all be different fish, but in this school we swim together!

It's a beautiful day in upstate NY.... BUT I'm glued to my computer working on the literacy workshop I'll be presenting this week. Maybe I'll move my work station to the balcony :)

I don't know about your students, but mine have been obsessed with tattling and getting each other in trouble. I have done mini lesson after mini lesson modeling and discussing this and we even have a tattle box! Any tips?

Going along with the issue of tattling, we talked about how we are a family and a team. We made this cute bulletin board to go along with our recent conversations about sticking together and loving one another.

And if you haven't heard yet, Love to Teach is having a super great giveaway. Who wouldn't want an Amazon and Scrappin' Doodles gift certificate??



Laura said...

The workshop will be so great and helpful, thank you so much for taking the time to do it.. the other teachers with questions and concerns will get so much of it :)

Katee said...

I have this same problem. So glad I found your blog and your solution. I think I will try this in my own room.

Molly said...

I love the cute fish! I found your blog from Laura and I'm glad to be a new follower!

Lessons with Laughter

Miss J said...

So cute!! I just pinned something like this on pinterest!

Miss J
Smiles, Crayons, and Endless Stories

Mrs. Brown said...

LOVE your fish theme! I'm pondering boosting the fish theme I have going on in my classroom and I love your sign. So happy to be a new follower!


Cindy Dy said...

I like the way on how you put up your blogs. Wonderful and awesome. Hope to read more post from you in the future. Goodluck. Happy blogging!


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