Friday, October 14, 2011

Place Value Math Center

Oh this will be a weekend full of laminating, lesson planning, cutting, and pasting. I so need to get back into the swing of things. I thought I'd share a math center mat that I just created. You can download it here. It's nothing fancy, but effective!

There are a few variations. I'm going to use a Halloween version this month. The students will roll a die and place that many pieces of candy corn in the ones place. Once they get 10 pieces in the ones place they can trade it in for 1 candy corn pumpkin to put in the tens place. When the students reach 10 candy corn pumpkins they can trade it in for 1 peep ghost. To differentiate, you can use the mat that just has ones and tens.
During the non-halloween season you can use pennies, dime, and dollars OR traditional base ten cubes.

Hope you can find a use for this math center mat :)

Talk to you all soon, I promise!!

P.S. If you have an easy way to embed a google document into blogspot, please email me or comment. I just wasted an hour trying to get it to work :X

P.S.S. I'm addicted to Pinterest!


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teacherking55 said...

LOVE the idea about the candy corn, pumpkin, and ghost!!!! This is exactly what we are working on in my 2nd grade class right now! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You ROCK! :) :)

Fitbecky said...

I haven't found an easy way to embed a Google Doc. either. I take a screen shot of the image and then open it in Paint. I crop the image and save it as a picture. Then I upload the image and link it to the Doc. It's a little more to do than I wish, but it works.


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