Friday, June 3, 2011

Daily 5-- Part 8- Listening

Okay, well this is it... The last installment of my Daily 5 guide. For listening to reading I only use the computer. I don't purchase books with CD's because there are so many free resources on the Internet. Currently I only have one computer so that means one student per round can do listening. 

I use Tumblebooks and only Tumblebooks because there are so many books. It is a subscription site though. What I do is I pick out 2 books for the week (usually a 10 minute and 4 minute) and put them in my Tumblebook favorites and the kids are able to just open and click. It's super simple and only takes about 1 minute of prep time to change out the books each Monday. There are many free sites listed here I just wouldn't be able to tell you how they work since I've never used them!  

After my students listen to reading they are then required to complete a listening reflection. My students just write in their Daily 5 notebooks. I model this in the beginning of the year. They may write about their favorite part, a connection they made, etc. When I taught kindergarten last year I used these two files. I have two different versions to differentiate. One with lines and one without

Well, I hope my Daily 5 blabbing helped some of you out. I am super passionate about literacy and the Daily 5. You are always welcome to email me and ask questions. 

Great.... now what am I going to blog about?? ;)



Mrs. Ibarra said...

You can actually access Tumblebooks for through your city library. It is usually on the kids section of the library website. This is how I access it at school.

Thanks for all the Daily 5 posts!

Ms.M said...

My school, I think district, has a subscription but I only ever used it during whole group. Thanks for this idea. I will do this next year.

Ms. M
Ms.M's Blog
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Mrs. D said...

Thanks for posting all about Daily 5. I'm planning on trying it next year. You gave me a lot of ideas!! :)

About Us said...

Hi Ms Durning
Your posts about Daily 5 have been great, I've been linking them out to daily 5 followers on Twitter.
The posts have been very useful for those of us who are only half-way through our school year in New Zealand and Australia!

I have bought little ear-pieces for listening on the computer, and the children are quite happy to share and just have one ear-piece each, so that two children can access one computer.
The ear-pieces are the ones that people use for cell-phones and ipods etc.

Have a good break
Judy McKenzie

Dana said...

Thanks for all of your help with Daily 5. I can't wait to implement it next year! :)

3rd Grade Gridiron

mavis said...

Try this free website. Students can choose books read by famous actors. leave the captions on so they can read along.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your helpful advice, insight and ideas! And for offering so many of your documents to look at- so helpful and much appreciated!!!

Anonymous said...

We use Raz Kids for our Listen to Reading rounds. Our school is lucky enough to have mini ipads during our Daily 5 time. Each student has their own profile, they log in and work at their own pace at a level I set up for them. You can go in and change their levels at any time.

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