Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We compared and contrasted three versions of the Gingerbread man 
The Gingerbread Man By Jim AylesworthGingerbread Baby by Jan Brett, and Gingerbread Friends By Jan Brett then the students created their own Gingerbread person or animal and wrote a refrain to go along with it. This is where their creativity really came into play!

This student made a Gingerbread Reindeer and it says: 
"Dash, Dash
I'm a flying reindeer!
Try to catch me
And I'll give you a loud cheer!

The kids made their parents cookie mix jars as a Christmas present. It tied in perfectly with our math unit on measurement and fractions. Here is the  
ingredient tag. When you print make sure you select 3x5 index card. 

I bought a 2 pack of white gift bags for a 1.00 at the Dollar Tree. On one side the students decorated with markers/crayons and on the other they sponge painted. The bags were so unique and creative looking!

The bow has the lyrics to "Up on the Housetop" and the chimney says "Down through the chimney with good Saint Nick." 
Using cardstock and bows, the students made Christmas presents and wrote what they wanted for Christmas on them. They then put "to/from" labels on it.

My kiddos were super excited to get Christmas homework passes in their goodie bags. Free things that make them happy make me happy too :)

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